Control your replica by your phone.
New innovation for AEG's
Most durable device on the market
Revolutionary technical solution for AEG's
We announce the new begining for AEG's, the new for your hobby.

What makes us different?

Simple! You are starting the battle using bluFET Mobile App, then play your game. After that your mobile phone automatically sends positions, movement and statistics to our server. Now you can visit and follow your battle!

bluFET Features:

Gesture Control new!

Switching between 3 preconfigured modes by tilting airgun clockwise or counterclockwise.


this function allows the high current powering the motor not to flow directly trough the trigger contacts. It will help you achieve faster trigger response, higher ROF, and - what is most important - longer life of your replica.

Active Brake

Do you release the trigger? BluFET will stop the engine, and you will not be able to shoot any more bullets?

Burst Mode

In your application you can set the amount of bullets which are to be fired after pressing the trigger, and bluFET will do it for you!

ROF Control

Automatic mode of fire. Do you need less ROF? Decrease the power of engine. BluFET regularly informs you about the ROF of your rifle.


Advanced piston's positioning system. It enables immediate discharge after pressing the trigger

Cycle Completion

System which releases the spring in order to leave it stretched and as a result protects the spring.

Overheat Protection

Constant measurement of the temperature of MOSFETs – in case of overheating, bluFET will not be damaged.

Overcurrent Protection

System which detects short circuit in order to protect the engine, battery and transistors against damage.

Dynamic Battery Protection

Dynamic protection of the battery against damage. System will not allow excessive battery discharge which can result in irreparable damage.

Moisture Protection

bluFET comes with special coating which offers protection against moisture. You can use it in harsh wheather conditions.

Shots Detector

By combining measurement of motor current and 3D acceleration, you achieve very precise shot detector.

Work In Progress

To be continued...

Mobile App Features:

Android Setup new!

Mobile application which configures the operating modes of your rifle in Android system.

IOS Setup soon

Mobile application which configures the operating modes of your rifle in IOS system.

Multiprofile Support new!

Gunfet mobile application will run a lot of your rifles. Open the application and select your gun to join the battle!

Multilang Support soon

The mobile application will be available in Polish, English and German language.

Shots Counter new!

Do you want to know how many bullets have you shot? No problem - you can see it in the mobile application

Alarm Indication new!

Your mobile phone will let you know in case of any alert (overheat, overcurrent, battery warning).

Battle Recording new!

Your mobile app records your position, movement and transfers data to our server.

Work In Progress

To be continued... Features:

Social Networking new!

Visit, create teams, battles and send reports. You can compete and compare statistics with other players too!

Battle Reconstruction soon

After the battle you can reconstruct movements of all players (you and your friends).

Statistics new!

Your battles provides statistics you can analyze, share and improve. On you can find such statistics like: shots, distance, frags, deaths and many more!

Work In Progress

To be continued...