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Frequently Asked Questions


GUNFET is a brand which deals with production of the equipment for the ASG field. The business office of the company is situated in Gdańsk. All our products are designed and manufactured in Poland.
For your convenience , we offer Paypal payments, Przelewy24 or direct bank transfer.
Standard Mail – delivered via courier company. The delivery time for domestic shipment is 1-3 working days, while for international freight 3-10 working days.


We reccomend you to do systematic updates of your bluFET device as well as bluFET mobile application, which you can find in Google Play Store. Scan your QR code (included in the box) or visit us on www.mygunfet.com/app then you will be automatically redirected to the Google Play Store.
Each user will be informed about the update in two ways:
a) when you start the mobile application you receive an alert about the new version of software
b) on the e-mail address provided at the moment of signing up on www.mygunfet.com you will receive an e-mail with the information about the implementation of new software version.
Yes, you can! If you want you can have bluFET in all your replicas. It only requires choosing the particular bluFET in your mobile application as it retains your profiles in memory and enables using a few airguns.
You do not need to have your mobile phone with you during the battle. BluFET memorizes the settings of the mobile application and shoting modes. You may switch on the mobile application whenever you like in order to change the fire mode or in the event that you do not have your mobile phone, you can use a fixed gesture (tilt airgun clockwise or counterclockwise) to do so.
Thanks to the fact that your mobile application is on, you will have a better insight into the bluFET performance. The device will notify the low battery level, number of bullets that were fired, system's temperature and many many other. Above all, the mobile application will register your location, place where the shots were fired, your frags and suffered bullets. All listed data you may find and follow on www.mygunfet.com.
Each bluFET module possesses an individual MAC number, which is the warranty number of the product and your passage to the www.mygunfet.com. The warranty is valid for 24 months.
You have to register on www.mygunfet.com. After creating a new user's account you need to go to „My profile”, choose the „Devices” tab and add the bluFET's MAC number. During the first connection between the mobile phone and your bluFET device , the module will be joined with your mobile phone.
On your profile on www.mygunfet.com in the „Devices” tab you will find the ikon of red warining triangle, which you need to press in order to detach mobile phone which was previously joined with bluFET. Then you will be able to connect the module with another mobile device.
This function will be most effective if we use fully efficient airgun. The device will detect the initial performance of the replica during the calibration. If any changes occur bluFET will signalize it via mobile application (vibrations or sound alerts). You should bear in mind that this function is of informative not diagnostic nature. In order to perform further diagnostics you should check with professional service.