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bluFET equals modernity, bluFET equals comfort, bluFET equals domination over your enemy, bluFET equals knowledge, bluFET equals safety, bluFET equals development
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bluFET equals modernity

The wireless electronic ASG (Air Soft Gun) which improves the efficiency of the replica’s performance and extends the life of the mechanical parts in gearbox. This is the first controller in the world, which enables modifcations of the weapon settings during the battle! The only thing that you need is a smartphone running at least on the Android 4.4.2 OS (KitKat) or above.

bluFET equals comfort

With our device you do not need any complicated and expensive equipment to configure your MOSFET. You can set up all the configurations using wireless connection. bluFET also takes care about the environment and electric energy!

bluFET equals domination over your enemy

You can change the operating mode of your replica at anytime, and surprise the enemy!

bluFET equals mobility

Possibility of changing the settings of bluFET during the game by just using your mobile phone. You can easily adjust the airgun parameters during the game in various conditions.

bluFET equals basics

Burst mode. If semi-auto mode is not enough and the full auto is too much you can choose burst mode. It can be set from 1 to 10 shots with a single press of the trigger.

bluFET equals speed

Ability to adjust the rate of fire. Do you need to quickly reduce the rof? You can do it in a few seconds by using bluFET app.

bluFET equals knowledge

You can constantly control the parameters of your replica, the amount of the fired bullets and many, many more – you can do all of this using only one thing – the bluFET application.

bluFET equals safety

The controller possesses the system which monitors the state of the mechanism and system preventing any possible battery damages.

bluFET equals warranty

Possession of individual MAC number. You don’t have to remember product’s warranty number or worry about losing it. Each bluFET has its own MAC number, which you can use to identify your device.

bluFET equals development

We constantly improve and add new functions to the bluFET mobile

Plug&Play construction. Easy modification. Simplest instalation. Maximum experience.

You could also use bluFET like standard MOSFET if its necessary.
bluFET isn’t only the new type of upgrade for your airguns. It’s compilation of our hobby, technology and maximum fun. It’s new era of airsoft!

Additional information


68.3 x 21.6 x 9.2 mm



Working voltage

5 – 16.8V

Constant current


Burst current


Maximum working temperature

75 °C

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