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µFET + set of the device, accessories and freebies

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The smallest and the most solid MOSFET device in the world. Its size 16.3 x 5.7 x 4.3 mm enables to assemble the electronics in every electric airgun.
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µFET is simplicity

The smallest and at the same time the simplest electronic device designed for electric airguns.

µFET is safety

The device protects the electric system of the airgun. Mechanical switches turn on the transistor which control the motor.

µFET is universality

µFET works with all types of batteries available on the market and it is dedicated to every electric airgun. It can operate with the batteries up to 16.8V. µFET was tested with the M170 spring.

Additional information



Working voltage

5 – 16.8V

Constant current


Burst current


Maximum working temperature

75 °C

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